Working Visas

The following documents should be submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy by an applicant in person in order to obtain a working visa:

1) A valid passport which should have at least two clear visa pages must be valid for at least one and half year after the expiry date of the visa. 

2) Properly and fully completed and printed visa application form (one per person):

3) Two recent photos of an applicant sized 3,5 x 4,5 cm.

4) An original official invitation issued by an appropriate local branch of the Russian Federal Migration Service or a printed copy of an electronic invitation.

5) Only for multiple entry working visa: HIV blood test (AIDS) Certificate. This certificate should be valid for 3 month only (HIV blood test should be taken not earlier than 3 months before applying for a visa). Please note that an invitation and HIV blood Certificate are required to be submitted in original.

6) In some cases the Consular officer may request additional documents.

Schedule of Fees for Consular Services: