General Information

Dear visitors,

The Consular Section of the Embassy informs that starting from February 01, 2014 the Consular section will accept visa application forms completed online only on the special website of the Consular Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

Application forms should be filled in English or in Russian, printed and signed by applicants personally.

All questions in application forms should be answered. Incomplete visa application forms will not be processed.

Visa application forms taken from other Internet sources as well as hand-written visa application forms will not be accepted.

Visas cannot be swapped or extended. If your travel plans have been changed after the visa issuing, you have to re-apply for a new visa. Also a new visa fee is to be paid by the applicant.

Visa processing commences only after all necessary and proper documents have been presented by an applicant and accepted by a consular officer. Incomplete set of documents may lead to refusal of visa processing, or documents may be returned to an applicant undone.

In some cases, the Consular officer may request additional documents.

EU passport holders should submit travel insurance policy that is valid in the Russian Federation for the whole period of the journey.

Dear visitors,

We inform you that granting Russian visa is an advance consent to allow to visit Russia.

The decision to allow a foreigner or a stateless person to enter the territory of Russia is taken by the Russian Passport control authorities in the airports.

Forbiddance a foreigner or stateless person the country can be caused by the following reasons:

- presenting false documents,

- inaccurate information while filling an application form in the Consulate,

- false or incorrect information about the true objective of visiting Russia,

- other doings which are found to conform to the Russian Law.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons can verify beforehand the existence of personal restrictions to visit Russia on the official portal of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (only in Russian) in the section «Information Services», the subsection «Verification of the existence of personal restrictions to visit Russia»: