Present Day


For a long period of time Egypt  is a leading partner for the USSR  and Russia in the Middle  East and Africa. With the assistance of the  Soviet Union 97 industrial objects were built in Egypt, including the High Aswan  Dam, Helwan Steel Works plant, Nag-Hammadi aluminum plant, which continue to  play an important role in the Egyptian economy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the business cooperation subsided but the  last years witness the steady growth. 

According to the Russian customs statistics, the  commodity turnover between the Russian    Federation and the Arab Republic of Egypt in  2014 exceeded 4,6 bln $ which is a 80% growth comparing to 2013 (2 bln 945 mln  $).  

The Russian exports to Egypt exceeded 4,1 bln $ (91%  growth comparing to 2013). The main articles of the Russian export are oil and  petroleum products (26%, 1.1 bln $, 1.5 mln tonnes), cereals (24%, 0.98 bln $,  3.8 mln tonnes), wood (10%, 431 mln $, 0.8 mln tonnes), iron (10%, 412 mln $,  0.8 mln tonnes), ground transport and spare parts for it (7%, 283 mln $),  sunflower oil (7%, 288 mln $, 365 thousand tonnes) etc.

Egypt delivered to Russia over 520 mln $ of products  (24% growth comparing to 2013). The main articles of Egyptian export to Russia are  oranges and other citrus (36%, 182 mln $, 198 thousand tonnes), potato (34%,  172 mln $, 308 thousand tonnes), onion (6,8%, 34.7 mln $, 66.8 thousand  tonnes), apparel and textile (6,4%, 32.6 mln $) etc.

According to the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism  (Rostourism), in 2014 Egypt  was visited by 2.99 mln Russian citizens (in 2013 – 2,21 mln visitors, 35%  increase), including 2,56 mln tourists and 3,5 thousands of business travelers.  The Arab Republic of Egypt keeps its second place among the countries of the  world most visited by Russians. At the same period only 15295 Egyptians visited Russia.  

The potential projects of mutual interest include the  modernization of objects previously built with the assistance of Soviet  specialists, including Aswan hydroelectric  plant, establishment of special industrial zone for manufacturing Russian  agricultural machinery for distribution in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Other projects include activity of  Russian automotive industry in Egypt  and Africa, delivery of liquefied natural gas  by Gazprom, further supply of wheat, participation of Rosatom in the possible building of nuclear power plant.